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Intensive Outpatient Programs

Finding the Right Intensive Outpatient Program

Intensive Outpatient Programs for troubled teens are short-term treatment programs for troubled teens suffering from substance abuse, addictions, and other related emotional and behavioral problems. Intensive outpatient programs provide therapeutic intervention, psychiatric treatment, and acute psychological treatment for troubled teens.

Are you the parent of a troubled teen or young adult? Are you in crisis, and do you need an immediate solution that is affordable? We can help! The Family Advocate can help you find the right Intensive Outpatient Program. Our job is to save you thousands of dollars and years of heartache. Our Family Specialists can help you assess the situation, search for solutions, and match you with the best therapeutic care.

Intensive Outpatient Programs use a multidisciplinary treatment team composed of psychiatrists, social workers, and case managers experienced in evaluation and treatment of behavioral health problems. Troubled Teens receive intensive psychological and psychiatric support combined with addictions treatment.

Top Intensive Outpatient Programs

Our professional Family Advocates can assist you in finding the right Intensive Outpatient Program. No troubled teen deserves to live a life of pain or of psychological torment.