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Transitional Living

Transitional Living Programs For Young Adults

Transitional living programs for troubled young adults are designed to help struggling young people, both men and women, to transition from adolescents to adulthood. If you are a parent of a struggling young adult you may feel helpless, frustrated, confused, trapped, and completely alone. Troubled young adults are much more difficult to deal with than a troubled teenager. Because “adults” do not have to listen to their parents. Parents of troubled young adults do not have the same leverage with the young adult as they did when their child was a teenager. So, what do you do with the “monster living in your basement?” Parents of struggling young adults relate many of the same experiences, meaning they are faced with extreme situations with very few solutions.

Young adults, both men and women, who are struggling with the transition from adolescents to adulthood can find the help and support they need through transitional living programs. Transitional living programs for troubled young adults are programs specifically designed to help men and women to effectively navigate out of teen-hood and into adulthood. Transitional living programs can help young adults that struggle with drug or substance abuse, lack of motivation, social dysfunction, academic struggles, and mental disorders.

The main goal of the top transitional living programs is to help young adults overcome emotional immaturity, poor decision making, substance abuse issues, and many other “living” or “life” skills (or lack thereof). The best transitional living programs are very good at turn “problems” into opportunities. The truth is that struggling young adults create a great deal of negative adversity in their lives and the lives of others. Transitional living programs effectively use the adversity as the “training ground” or “real life opportunity” to grow. These programs are geared to use “life coaching” as a way to guide young people into becoming productive, competent, and accountable adults.