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Wilderness Therapy

Wilderness Therapy Programs

Wilderness programs are outdoor adventure therapeutic options designed to assess the underlying issues that have led to the problematic behavior. What is problematic behavior? General defiance toward authority, experimenting or abusing drugs, poor academic performance, lacks motivation toward school, family, and normal interests like sports or music. This troubled boy or troubled girl is hanging out with the wrong crowd, is un-coachable (is not listening to parents or other close adult authority), and is angry, depressed, or anxious. If you have a troubled teenager “in-crisis” and you need immediate help, contact The Family Advocate. Our family advocates are able to help you navigate through your wilderness programs options.

Why Wilderness Therapy

A wilderness program setting provides the epitome of experiential treatment, happening 24 hours per day, blended with traditional individual and group therapy sessions.

Participants in wilderness treatment have a greater capacity for attention to the process, develop closer and stronger relationships with staff and peers, and therefore more quickly gain insight into previous unhealthy behavior and begin to make appropriate changes. This is further supported through overcoming the natural challenges encountered in the wilderness and the self- efficacy and esteem achieved in the process.