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Teen Programs

Our mission is to provide coaching to parents of troubled teens by helping them to find the perfect program for their child.

Boarding Schools

Boarding schools for troubled teens and adolescents are academic institutions that also provide intensive integrated therapy.

Wilderness Programs

Students in the wilderness reconnect with their core values because there are very few distractions (negative friends, cell phones, Facebook, etc.).

Transitional Living

“What is “failure to launch”? Failure to launch is when a young adult does not progress or “launch” into the future as their peers do.


A therapist is a professionally trained person who’s job is to offer comfort and healing to people who have emotional wounding and personal pain.


t is common for troubled teens with severe mental and behavioral issues to to find longterm psychiatric care (that works) through inpatient programs .

Who We Are

The Family Advocates specialize in the the therapeutic treatment of families with troubled teens, dedicating themselves to the process of “family advocacy”. Finding the right therapeutic educational school or program for troubled teens is one of the most important decisions parents will ever make. Making the “right” choice is extremely imperative. Finding the right therapeutic and educational fit, however, is almost impossible without professional help.

The Family Advocate helps parents find the perfect solution and the best fit so that troubled teens can get the therapeutic and educational help they need. The Family Advocates take into consideration all factors relevant to the child and family, and then help the parent find a perfect matching service.